Additional Information

SAS2PY automatically converts code written in SAS language to open source Python 3.5+ based Pandas or Pyspark language with the goal of enabling data scientists to use the modern machine learning and deep learning packages available via Python.

Typical use cases

  • Data Prep / Transformations
    Data blocks, Proc blocks, compare, Macros
  • Statistics & Machine Learning
    Proc means,freq,standard, linear/logistic regression, npar1way, ttest,anova reg…
  • Model Scoring and Dockerized deployments
    Complex expressions, macros, nested if blocks, while loops..

The key advantages of such a migration are:

  • Automated conversion saves significant time and money and lets you focus on business value and building strategy rather than the manual work over months/years
  • Cost savings on SAS Licensing
  • Ability to upskill existing data scientists to the new age of AI dominated by Python based technologies.
  • Atleast 3 x increase in speed of conversion.
  • Cloud Migration is a breeze with our in-built support for all 3 cloud platforms.
  • Enabling adoption of MLOps in all 3 cloud platforms as well as ability to work with any python environment.


  • Platform like Databricks is seamless as the pyspark code can be readily deployed in databricks or any other means of running pyspark.
  • Integration with platforms like DataRobot becomes easier as the code is now in Python.
  • Integration with Dataiku is supported through a one click push AWS Sagemaker becomes easy to migrate to
  • Azure Machine Learning is another option
  • Google cloud provides AI solution which can also be easily migrated to

Autmatic convertion of code written in SAS language to open source Python 3.X based pandas or Pyspark languages

  • API driven
  • Inside your network
  • Run Anywhere (Docker)
  • Scalable using Docor Container
  • Collaborative Platform
  • Built-in git Integration
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Integration with many platforms
  • SDK to extend the functionality


  • Machine translator to programmatically parse SAS code and generate python code
  • No SAS API / License dependency
  • Text file ot text file conversion only